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Financial Assistance and Copay Programs

Travere Therapeutics is committed to helping patients and families with access to our therapies. Through the Total Care Hub®, patients can get help with insurance verification, reimbursement options, and financial support for our therapies. Learn more about patient services, including financial assistance, copay programs, and therapeutic support programs. Contact the Total Care Hub via the phone numbers listed for each therapy.

Therapeutic Support Programs

The Total Care Hub pharmacists and counselors are here to help. They can answer your medication questions, talk with you about your treatment plan, and support you in the day-to-day management of your condition.

  • For people taking Chenodal® (chenodiol): 866-758-7068
  • For people taking Cholbam® (cholic acid): 844-246-5226 or visit
  • For people taking Thiola®  and THIOLA EC® (tiopronin): 844-484-4652 or visit