Travere Therapeutics: Our Brand Story

As we turn a new chapter for Travere Therapeutics, there is so much that I am excited about – not just here, but even in the rare space more broadly.

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that can make a difference in the lives of the patients we serve.

Development of the brand

To create our brand identity, we brought together team members from across functions, as well as patient advocates and healthcare providers. We shared and explored our views of where we are as an organization today — highlighting our passion to help rare patients, our visionary leadership and our promising pipeline.

The logo

Our new logo reflects our support for each patient’s journey and our company’s forward momentum with a path through a mosaic pattern to tell the many angles of our story in multiple ways.

The name

Travere is inspired by the Latin roots of the words “path” (tractus) and “truth” (ver) to speak to our commitment to being a trusted partner as patients and their communities face an ever-changing path.

This new brand speaks to our continuing efforts to courageously forge new paths toward a common goal of elevating science and service for patients. Ultimately, this brand reflects who we are today and where we are headed tomorrow – and that is Travere Therapeutics.